RV500 - Four Pillars


RV500 - Four Pillars

Revitalization Vision 500 is born about of John 17, Jesus' Prayer "Father Make them one". This is the church as a body working as one; one in purpose, and one in mission!! 

Together the leadership and the pastors have agreed to win the Lost and grow the Assemblies of God. 


Revitalization Vision 500 is a vision, a plan and a strategy to win 500 unchurched Persons to the Assemblies of God every year for the next 10 years.


Revitalization Vision 500 is built on four foundational concepts.  The idea is Holistic Evangelism, focusing on the four aspects that are important to wining the lost:   

  1. Prayer 
  2. Fasting 
  3. Witnessing: Sharing Jesus without fear!
  4. Economics

Prayer:  As a fellowship and movement we must ignite the focus for Prayer; prayer that is centered on a cause. Each generation is responsible to repackage the Gospel, holding to the timeless Truths and doctrine. That is using the power of prayer creatively, meeting the needs of our culture.

Fasting: is one of the greatest spiritual exercises that discipline the inherited unbelief that hinders the believer's faith and the creative process. The process for working together as a body fulfilling purpose and the Mission of the church.

Witnessing: is the compassion the heart of God working in the heart of the believer, to reach the lost. Witnessing is a life commitment for the believer and can only endure the test of time based on the believer's commitment to the two earlier positions. Prayer and fasting!

Economics: this is determined by the gifts, and talents of the person which is featured by his career and vocation. It is a part of the human purpose and worth. So as a church we must help others to discover gifts, talents and purpose in life; so that they may contribute to the betterment of the kingdom of God. 

Revitalization Vision 500 is a commitment to win the lost and advance the kingdom of God. 



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